A Fort Wayne “vampire enthusiast” completed the 30-hour Coffin Challenge at Six Flags St. Louis this weekend.

Rogers said she did it because, “Knowing that it was part of the vampires lifestyles to you know aid in the rest by being in one.. of course I exceeded the time any vampire would be in one, but just knowing that i could have that part of that lifestyle.”

Stevi Rogers was one of six people to rise from the dead, so to speak, after laying in a coffin for 30 hours at the Palace Theatre Courtyard in Six Flags. The group climbed into their wooden coffins at 1 p.m. Saturday and emerged at 7 p.m. Sunday.

More than 45,000 applied to compete in the challenge, with just six advancing – Rogers among them.

The Fort Wayne woman, who described herself as a “vampire enthusiast intrigued by the legends and lifestyle, especially their use of coffins to aid in their eternal rest,” won a pair of 2019 Gold Season passes, two VIP Haunted House passes, two seats on the Fright Fest Freak Train and $300 for her troubles.

She also got to keep the coffin she laid in. She said she will turn it into a book shelf. But for now the 7 foot coffin will become her coffee table.