FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — The cool cats and kittens at Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control are up for adoption again.

The shelter said Tuesday it was resuming the adoptions of kittens and adolescent cats after nearly a week.

It was Aug. 18 when Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control announced it was suspending the adoption and intake of adolescent cats and kittens due to a recent outbreak of feline panleukopenia. The potentially lethal virus is spread when a cat or kitten comes into contact with infected feces, vomit, nasal discharge and other bodily excretions. It mostly affects unvaccinated kittens and can cause fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea, or death.

The shelter said over the last 5 days, which it called “an observation period,” staff tested felines and disinfected the facility. Cats and kittens currently available for adoption have not displayed symptoms and/or have tested negative for the deadly virus, the shelter said in a news release.

Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control will still refuse to take in cats and kittens until at least Sept. 1 “or until shelter medical staff determine it is safe to resume normal intake operations,” the release said.

The shelter said it would work with anyone who needs to surrender a cat or kitten, including offering vaccinations and having them keep the cat at home until the shelter can take it in.

“FWACC is an open access shelter, so if the citizen does not wish to take the cat or kitten home we will take it in,” the shelter added.

To view the cats and kittens up for adoption, click here.