FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — A dog in need of medical attention was dumped at Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control, and the shelter has a warning after the animal had to be euthanized: Abandonment is a crime.

The shelter shared a video on its Facebook page Wednesday that appears to show a person dump a caged dog at the entrance to the Hillegas Road shelter around 7:15 a.m. Saturday. The person pulls up in a SUV, carries the cage with a dog inside, and leaves it behind, the video showed.

According to the a post, the dog was left “under a sign that says to NOT abandon your pet at our door, right next to the phone number to call for assistance.”

“It appears this person attempted to cover their license plate number, literally dumped the dog in a small cage and left it there to suffer,” the shelter wrote. “There was no attempt to contact anyone in the building by trying to open the door, ring the doorbell, or call the phone number posted at the door.”

An officer passing by the shelter spotted the cage in front of the facility.

The dog – a Yorkie – was older, with no teeth, and severely emaciated, shelter staff told WANE 15. Its nails were so long they curled under. It was covered in urine.

The dog needed medical attention “well before” it was dropped at the shelter. It was ultimately euthanized due to its condition.

The shelter said in the Facebook post that abandoning an animal “is a crime.”

“If you need to surrender your pet or you find an animal in need PLEASE do not dump it at our doors,” the post read. “Yes, we are an animal shelter. Yes, we care for animals, but you must follow the proper channels to bring an animal to us. Leaving an animal at our front door when we are closed is unacceptable.

“This is not the first time and we’re sure it won’t be the last – but please, do not abandon animals outside of our building. We can only help animals if we know they are here. We are an open access shelter – we cannot turn away an animal coming in from the City of Fort Wayne or Allen County for any reason.”

Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control has asked for the public’s help to identify the person who dropped the dog. Anyone with information can call 427-1244 option 1.