FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — “Shucked” is a musical all about a small town that loves corn.

And besides the Hoosier State growing heaps of corn, it has another connection to the play through Fort Wayne.

“It was a drab, dreary looking quilt that we had nicknamed a hired man’s quilt because it looked like something that would be on a farm that would have your hired man use for warmth, not because it looked pretty,” said Lois Levihn, owner of Born Again Quilts in Fort Wayne.

Levihn said it was a bit of a shock when she sold the quilt, but not as much of a shock as who Levihn said she sold it to.

“I found out that the woman I was selling it to was Caity [Mulkearms], the costume associate to Tilly Grimes, and Tilly was working on the upcoming Broadway show, ‘Shucked,'” Levihn said. “It sent off in the mail, and a few days later I get a reply that they got it and they loved it.”

(Photo provided by Born Again Quilts)

Levihn told WANE 15 that since getting in contact with those behind the scenes, she’s been asking all sorts of questions on how exactly the quilt got used, like who will wear the pattern that was on the quilt.

“I feel a little bit like Nancy Drew,” Levihn said about learning behind-the-scenes information.

According to Levihn, the costume designers loved the quilt so much that they were worried about cutting into it for the show, so they ended up scanning it so they could use the quilts pattern.

“They took it to a company in New York who was able to digitize the design and make multiple yards of it,” Levihn said. “That way, the shirt they used for the afternoon matinee performance they didn’t have to use for the evening performance.”

Since hitting the big stage, the project has received immense praise, including Tony nominations for best musical, best score, best book, two times for best featured actor, best scenic design, best sound design, best direction, and best orchestrations.

Levihn said that she cannot wait to watch the Tony’s to see how the musical does.

But before the awards, Levihn has just one request from the crew:

“Now what I’m at least hoping is to get a photo of Andrew Durand wearing the shirt,” Levihn said.

You can watch the Tony awards on Wane 15 on June 11 at 8 p.m.