FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — On Tuesday, the Fort Wayne Philharmonic announced it would be canceling all scheduled concerts through April 11 as a result of the musicians’ strike.

As a result, six concerts have been canceled by Philharmonic management along with one community engagement event.

Philharmonic management said it has made amendments to the final offer made Jan. 7, including keeping all 44 core seats within the orchestra and revising the attendance policy for per-service status seats.

Musician Spokesperson Campbell MacDonald released a statement Tuesday on behalf of the musicians in response to the cancellations:

“The Fort Wayne Philharmonic’s choice to cancel further concerts amidst ongoing negotiations signals their disinterest in reaching an agreement at this time.

Following meetings earlier this month, where we offered numerous compromises in addition to various concessions in work rules, the Philharmonic continues to demand punitively controlling conditions of musicians that block a fair resolution.

We have proposed numerous meeting dates to the Philharmonic in the last week, but have yet to hear a response with their availability.”

Those who purchased tickets for any of the canceled concerts will be contacted regarded their ticketing options, according to Philharmonic management.

Philharmonic management said it “continues to be optimistic about the work that’s been done toward an agreement and getting music back to the community.”