Fort Wayne man shares his experience with Washington D.C. protest

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — A day after the protest at Washington D.C., an area man who attend the event is sharing his experience with WANE 15.

Zachary Ochsner decided to go to the Capitol with his dad and brother to show their support for President Donald Trump. He also went because he believes that the election was stolen.

On Wednesday, the group arrived early to The President’s Park across from the White House to hear President Trump speak. Ochsner says that there were hundred of thousand, if not a million people there.

In order to get to the park where the president was speaking, the trio had to go through security checks – which took about two hours.

With this being the first time Ochsner has heard the president speak, he says this was an amazing experience.

“He talked for about an hour or so, and when he was talking he said that we were going to be peaceful and let our voices be heard the right way and the patriot way. He never once called for violence,” Ochsner said.

After the speech the group marched down to the Capitol. Ochsner said the march was peaceful, and he met people from across the country and world.

As time past, the event started to go south.

What he saw and heard was that the breach at the Capitol wasn’t strictly Trump supporters. Ochsner said that there were allegedly Antifa members who lead the charge, and then some of the Trump supporters followed.

Authorities have said there is no indication Antifa played any role in the riots.

He relayed several times during the interview that he did not condone the violence and destruction.

“The day is going to be remembered by that small amount of time instead of the hours where 99.99% of the people were peaceful,” Ochsner said. “It is that small amount of time with that small amount of people that ruined it for everyone.”

WANE 15 asked Ochsner if he thought anything would be able to bring both Democrats and Republican together and end the violence. He said Jesus.

“Racism and hate and all this angry is not going to go away by itself,” Ochsner said. “Jesus is the only thing that will change that. Without him it’s not going to get better. Every year it feels like America is getting further away from God and so it gets worse and worse; where is if we got closure to Jesus I think it would get a lot better. Both sides, both groups need to work on stuff. Nobody is perfect and Jesus is our answer.”

Ochsner says that he will respect the office of the president, but he does not feel Joe Biden won the election fairly.

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