FORT WAYNE, Ind (WANE) 50 years ago, a tank of gas costed about 30 cents and a car cost around $3,500. Prices may have changed during that time, but Stan Corburn’s job hasn’t.

Tuesday, Mayor Tom Henry declared it “Stan Coburn” day in Fort Wayne to celebrate the postal worker’s 50th year on the job.

“Everything has changed in 50 years,” Coburn said. “When I started everything was done manually and today everything is done by machine.”

In 1968, Coburn began working for the United States Postal Service. Within a few months, he was drafted to serve during Vietnam with the U.S. Marine Corps. He worked in the field on a helicopter unit as a machine gunner.

A year later, he came home. “I stepped off the plane, and within two days I was back at the Post Office. It was like I had never left,” he said.

Since that day he has worked at every Post Office and shift in the Fort Wayne area. He even tried to quit three times, but he was convinced to stay.

Coburn currently works at the Northwood Station on the city’s northside where he enjoys doing various tasks.

“I do enjoy the work, and I feel healthy and young.”

But, he’s not ready to retire just yet. “I think I’ll work another five years.”