Fort Wayne International Airport on adapting to COVID-19 recommendations

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — The Fort Wayne International Airport is one of our essential businesses that has stayed open as we deal with COVID-19, but that does not mean they are operating business as usual.

Right now, travel is only recommended when essential, so while traffic has certainly gone down at the Fort Wayne International Airport (FWIA), it hasn’t stopped but they have made some changes to keep their flyers and employees safe. The airport has made several changes over the past few weeks, like changing their coffee shop and Samuel Adams Brewhouse to carryout only and temporarily halting their Hospitality Host and PAWS therapy dog program. They have also suspended valet service and transitioned all paid parking lots to credit card-only in order to social distance.

The airport has also stepped up their cleaning by adding a cleaner that is CDC-approved to fight COVID-19.

“It is a proved sanitizer against the coronavirus,” said Rebecca Neild, FWIA’s Service & Marketing Manager. “It’s a spray sanitizer so it’s sprayed on, wiped across the surface and it just dwells on that surface. We are wiping down high touchpoints, like I said, multiple times daily. Doorknobs, elevator buttons, you name it. Hand rails, ticket counter, seats, everything is being wiped down.”

Not only have that added to their cleaning routines, but they have trained employees from other departments on how to carryout the custodial duties.

“We’ve actually cross-trained other staff from different departments into the custodial department and trained them on how to clean properly so that’s something we’ve actually done to test up our custodial department,” said Neild. “Then, of course, we’re always paying attention to our attendants, making sure that they’re cleaning their areas.”

According to Neild, once things are able to return to normal those cross-trained staff will return to their usual duties, and they will return to their previous cleaning schedule. She said they already had a vigorous cleaning schedule in place, the only real difference now is that they are using a cleaner approved to fight COVID-19 and are cleaning those high-touch areas more frequently than usual. 

The services and programs that have been halted as a result of the new coronavirus will resume as soon as is safest for flyers and employees.

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