WASHINGTON (WANE) — A Fort Wayne girl’s emotional moment on the lawn of the White House has gone viral.

Kaylece Guy participated in the White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday on the South Lawn. The 4-year-old was one of thousands of children and adults who attended the event during which children used wooden spoons to push dyed eggs across the grass.

Young Kaylece attended the egg roll at the invitation of her aunt, Indiana State Rep. Cherrish Pryor of Indianapolis.

Reporters captured sights and sounds of many children overjoyed at the event. Young Kaylece had a different experience.

Video shared from the event showed the Fort Wayne girl crying as she carried a yellow egg on a purple spoon by Vice President Kamala Harris and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff.

The Easter Bunny then stepped in and urged the girl back, and Emhoff guided her to her awaiting father, Drece Guy.

“I was trying to edge her to keep going and keep going, but I think she was just overwhelmed,” Drece told WANE 15.

By Tuesday morning, the video had been widely spread on social media. It aired on CBS Mornings on WANE 15.

“We’re getting phone calls and text messages. I had no idea it would blow up like this,” Drece said.

Kaylece’s mom, Kela, stayed in Fort Wayne with her two younger sisters, three-year-old Adaya and one-year-old Anna.

“I thought why is she crying. Was it too cold? Was something wrong with her? And then I just laughed and figured she’s being dramatic,” Kela said.

So, why was she crying?

“Cause there were a lot of people,” Kaylece said.

It IS a big stage for a little girl, who is also learning and teaching a big lesson.

“She’ll look back and one day realize what it really means and I’m proud because she finished. She was crying, but she finished. I told my students at school today, even if it’s crying and it’s hard, we still finish so I’m proud of her because of that,” Kela said.

Kela shared these photos of the experience with WANE 15:

This was the first White House Easter Egg Roll since before the COVID-19 pandemic.