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Fort Wayne family keeps spirits up despite hardships

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) - "He's a walking miracle," said Arielle Black about her four-year-old son, Christian, who is fighting cancer.

"It makes me worry less because I have no control over it," she said when asked what her outlook on life is after her husband was hospitalized after a motorcycle accident. "It makes me worry less."

Arielle Black does not want her family's story to be a sad one. Despite the hardships, she believes that story can be positive.

"I want it to be of hope and faith and just knowing that if you have faith in God, He can get you through anything," she said about her family's story. "My husband and I have said throughout the process with Christian and his cancer and then now with  this (motorcycle accident), when you start to worry, just immediately give it to God."

Arielle's husband, Kyle, is fighting to walk again after suffering spinal injuries in a motorcycle wreck last weekend. Arielle said he always rides with safety in mind.

"(He) wears head to toe gear. I'm talking, like it was 90 degrees, and he was wearing a helmet, a jacket, long pants, gloves, everything," she said.

Police told Arielle that gear saved his life.

He is recovering from seven broken ribs, a broken arm, and spinal injuries that are keeping him from walking. He is not paralyzed as he has some motion in both of his legs, but it is minimal.

The Blacks are not in this alone ,though. Arielle wanted to thank Parkview, Riley, and Lutheran Hospitals for caring for her family. Their neighbors have provided meals for them. Their church has provided meals for them. Their friend set up a GoFundMe page to help offset some of the medical costs they are facing.

All of this has Arielle Black feeling thankful.

"Just days out from the accident I just have this overwhelming peace," she said. "I just know that God is going to take care of us, and that He brought my husband home to me, you know?"

Kyle Black is continuing his recovery at Parkview Hospital. Christian continues to get treatments from Lutheran.

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