FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — The wheels of progress often crush the obsolescent, a concept that some economists have coined ‘creative destruction.’

And a prime example might soon take place on the St. Marys River in Fort Wayne.

“It’s an obsolete dam, and nationwide there has been a movement to remove obsolete dams,” said Frank Suarez, chief of communications for City Utilities.

The Lawton Park Spy Run Creek Dam is near the physical start of Spy Run Creek– however, the dam has long outlived its intended purpose.

“The dam was put in when what is now Science Central was the electric plant,” Suarez said. “Nearly 100 years ago it was used to cool the turbines that were used to create electricity, and they wanted to have water backups so they would have a pool of water to cool those.”

And removing the dam could be an ecological boon for the area.

“This will allow aquatic life to migrate downstream instead of staying in one area, it will improve the ecological balance of the river and it will also protect the banks,” Suarez said.

With environmental factors in mind, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources awarded Fort Wayne $65,000 for a dam removal study and design.

Suarez said that if the dam will be removed, it will most likely happen in a couple of years.

“They’ll study how to get it out, what the design needs to be to make sure the banks are stable,” Suarez said.