Fort Wayne couple gets surprise at Paul McCartney concert

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A lucky couple got a big surprise while waiting in their seats for the Paul McCartney concert in Fort Wayne to start.

Cydney and Luke Klimek say they bought tickets to the concert as soon as they went on sale. They arrived a the Memorial Coliseum hours early Monday to get to their seats on the balcony.

“We were just excited we had the opportunity to even go to the show, I mean the guy redefined music,” said Luke.

As they were waiting, they were approached by a man who asked if they would take a survey. Turns out, that man was with Paul McCartney’s tour crew and gave them front row seats.

“We had taken a picture as soon as we sat down of where we were sitting and we were just ecstatic to be there and then after this happened we were speechless,” said Cydney. “As we were walking down we like how did we go from all the way in the balcony to the floor where we could almost reach out and touch Paul.”

Both agree the experience made the concert by far the best they had ever been to.

“Just being so close, you feel like you are up on state with him because there is nothing interfering with you and him and his show and it’s incredible,” remembered Cydney.

“And it’s so cool like making eye contact with him during the show,” said Luke. “You feel more connected with what’s going on too.”

The Klimeks, who were already big fans of classic rock and Sir Paul McCartney, say after the performance they feel even more connected to his music.

“I think it just creates and even cooler opportunity especially now listening to his songs, we have this vision and this experience with him in real life.” said Cydney.

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