FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Fort Wayne City Council gave a do-pass recommendation to remove thousands of feet of pipe and septic tanks on Till Road.

The potential project looks to update a septic system that is severely outdated.

“Basically, they’re older systems that were the thing to do in the past, now because mostly they have not been properly maintained they’re starting to fail,” said Michael Kiester, City Utilities Manager of Engineering. “Municipal sewers are the most economical way to remedy the situation.”

The end hope is improved service for the residents on Till Road east of Dawson Creek and west of Coldwater Road.

“The capacity goes up because you’ve limited capacity on a private septic system. Folks around the lake sometimes they have big parties on weekends, they were overwhelmed by their systems, they just can’t handle it,” Kiester said. “Whereas with going to our facility, basically, we have unlimited capacity that we can treat anything a household can give us”

The project will cost an estimated $494,922 and will need a final vote from City Council before work is started by the contractor, S&S Directional Boring.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this article incorrectly named “Tillman” instead of Till Road.