FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The Fort Wayne City Council Tuesday evening voted in favor of a bill that approves COVID-19 hazard pay for city workers. The vote from council was 7 to 1. The bill has been in the works since November of last year.

It will provide $1,000 bonuses for all city employees. The city decided on the value of the bonus by examining documented worked hours and time in the office versus out of the office.

The hazard pay will come from the estimated $35 million in the city’s general fund. The city has decided to bypass using the funds provided by the American Rescue Plan. This ensures all city workers, including those working remotely, are compensated.

The bonus will only be paid out to current city employees. Individuals who worked for the city over the past two years during the pandemic and have since moved on will not receive the bonus.

In addition, the council voted 6 to 2 to add an amendment to the bill. City council members, the mayor, and the city clerk shall not be compensated as a part of this amendment.

Third District Councilman Tom Didier says the bonuses are the least the city can do to thank its workers.

“For me, they were going above and beyond the call of duty, and I think that shows leaps and bounds of why I personally just think Fort Wayne’s just a great city because the employees care that much about this community, that really speaks volumes with me,” said Didier.

The city currently employs 1,775 people full time and 68 people part time. The bill now heads to Mayor Henry’s desk for final approval.