UPDATE: Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control receives lots of donations for ‘Beef Stroganoff’

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control is getting lots of donations following for a a kitten with developmental issues.

The shelter named the kitten Beef Stroganoff. He came to the shelter at the end of March. They said the kitten was covered in fleas and weighed only 200 grams. That’s about the same weight as 4 PopTarts.

The issue Beef Stroganoff, or Beefy, faces is crooked legs that had him walking on his wrists.

In a Facebook post Animal Care and Control said, “Not only was he so teeny tiny that he had to be bottle fed, but his little legs needed massages to see if his tendons would relax and allow him to walk normally.”

Animal Care and Control’s vet, Dr. Riebe, made tiny splints for Beefy’s legs. The shelter said he wasn’t sure what to think about the splints first, but then was “back to his silly self.”

The shelter said he’s already making progress.

The shelter is asking for additional support beyond what it receives from the city of Fort Wayne and the public has responded in a big way. On Tuesday alone they received around $1,400.

If you would like a donation, click here.

“Our funding provided by the city covers the very basic care for the animals like food, shelter, vaccines and spay/neuter surgeries. Any additional medical care is 100% funded by donor dollars. Animals come to us in all conditions and many need additional medical care to address skin issues, injuries sustained from abuse or neglect, old injuries, underlying health issues, broken bones and severe dental disease,” said Holly Pasquinelli, Community Relations & Education Specialist at Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control.

“Providing them the medical care they need to live without pain is simply the right and humane thing to do. Our foster program, which saved the lives of more than 1,200 animals in 2020, is also completely funded out of donor dollars and grants. Over the past several years we have worked hard to improve and increase the number of lifesaving programs here at FWACC and it’s only been possible because of the overwhelming support from our community,” continued Pasquinelli.

The Facebook post also said, “Beefy’s story is a big deal because he’s very cute, very sweet and deserves the best in life. But you know what else makes Beefy a really big deal? When you’re putting kittens to sleep for space, unweaned kittens who need extra medical care aren’t able to have a chance.

Beefy is here and thriving because of our awesome staff, our donors, our phenomenal foster program, our medical team. Beefy is here because the amazing humans who make up our community have made it clear that we are a passionate and caring community.

Going above and beyond for animals like Beefy is expected to be the norm rather than the exception. We are here. We want to help. We need your continued support to save lives like Little Beefy.”

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