FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — The Fort Wayne Board of Public Works accepted the bid of GFL Environmental USA to be the next provider of residential garbage and recycling collection services for the city. The next step for GFL is to sign a formal contract with the city, a contract that city council has yet to receive.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Councilmembers Geoff Paddock and Michelle Chambers both talked about the need to get the contract in their hands to make sure it all checks out.

“We want as much time with that contract that we can get so we can make sure that all of our concerns from fines to cost, capacity are being properly met in the contract,” said Chambers.

The agreement with GFL will contain changes. Red River offered unlimited garbage pickup, but GFL will allow one bin plus three bags each pickup. Bulk items like mattresses and couches will cost extra, but it may not be paid out to GFL.

GFL said in a statement to WANE 15 that it was eager to serve the city and primised a “smooth transition.”

“GFL Environmental USA Inc. (GFL) is pleased the Board of Public Works accepted our bid to be Fort Wayne’s next trash hauler.

We are working with city and council officials to complete the contract approval process. Our bid provides the community with the best service at the best price.

The GFL team is excited to serve the residents of Fort Wayne and is eager to provide the community with a smooth transition over the next couple of months.”

Fort Wayne Public Works Director Shan Gunawardena said the city is looking into adding its own bulk system as to not pay costs to GFL.

“They’d be happy to give us a price, but it’s probably not going to be what we can do it for,” he said.

The service is expected to start by July 1, 2022. However, the bid still needs approval from City Council.

GFL is expected to be at the next City Council meeting April 26.