Former NPR host Robert Siegel visits with WBOI listeners

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Robert Siegel’s news radio career took him to many places including China, London, and animated Springfield – to visit The Simpsons.

Apparently, he had to retire to visit Fort Wayne.

The former senior host of “All Things Considered” on National Public Radio spent the day in Fort Wayne to visit with WBOI (89.1 FM) listeners to share stories from his 31 years behind the microphone of the radio news program, reaching nearly five million people each day.

“To start with, they’re news programs,” Siegel said, explaining the success of his show and its a.m. counterpart, “Morning Edition.”

“They’re about what’s big in the news. But they’re much broader than that. And they’re doing a lot of reporting about science, a lot of reporting about the arts, business, and a lot of reporting that you think might be too frivolous for a serious news program, as well.”

The “frivolous” might be why he was animated into an episode of The Simpsons.

While in Fort Wayne, Siegel had lunch with WBOI staff and select listeners before a Q & A event at Sweetwater.

He told WANE 15 that he hoped a national news outlet could one day appeal to a diverse United States, as Walter Cronkite once did.

“It may be that whatever we remember the media having been when we were kids, we think was the way things used to be. But in reality, it’s always changing. It’s always changing. So, yes, maybe we can have a kind of national media that appeals across all sorts of lines. And, at least for some purposes, I think that would be very helpful.”

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