Flower delivery driver saves woman’s life, friendship blooms

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NEW HAVEN, Ind. (WANE) — It was a typical Good Friday for Shelly Raugh who was delivering flowers for Forever Friends Floral shop in New Haven. However, the day soon took a turn for the unusual when she was sent to deliver flowers to Dorothy Drew.

“I rang the doorbell, nobody came and all of the sudden I heard a scratching at the door,” Shelly Raugh said. “Something just didn’t feel right. At first, I thought it was a dog tail but then I heard her.”

The scratching was ‘Grandma Drew’, who in her late 80s had fallen after having a massive stroke. Without hesitation, Raugh bent down and started talking to her through the door.

“I called 911 and in the meantime, I started praying with her and told her she was going to be okay,” Raugh said.

First Responders were able to break down a door and took Drew to a nearby hospital. Meanwhile Drew’s son, Jim Millhouse received a call that he says changed his life.

“I think I probably drove a hundred miles an hour to the hospital,” Jim Millhouse said. “We didn’t know until today exactly what happened, who called the ems and the police.”

On Friday, Drew went to get her hair done and arrived home just around 9. Raugh came to Drew’s house to deliver flowers around 9:30-9:40 that morning. Millhouse believes if it wasn’t for Raugh his mom wouldn’t be alive today.

“She’s an angel to our family,” Millhouse said. “She saved my mom’s life and there’s no way we could ever repay her.”

On Wednesday, WANE 15 was there when Millhouse and Rough met for the first time at Forever Friends Flower Shop. Both exchanged gratitude and thanks. Rough was relieved to get an update on Drew and is excited to meet her.

“I am blessed that I was able to be there for her and I am blessed that you came to let me know she’s okay,” Raugh said.

Drew is still currently in the hospital and will have to go through rehab and is expected to recover.

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