WOODBURN, Ind. (WANE) — Interactions with money are a regular part of our daily lives, and kids pay closer attention to these interactions than you think.

That’s one of the reasons Financial Partners Federal Credit Union started to give back to area schools to help teach financial literacy.

“I was blessed to have family that taught me finances,” said Financial Partners Federal Credit Union CEO Dave Shuey. “I grew up on a farm and we watched our money. We have people that come into the credit union who don’t know what good credit is or how to manage finances. Those basic ideas of saving money that starts young.”

The credit union has been serving eastern Allen County for 57 years. Back in 2017 the financial institution was looking for ways to give back to the community and make a difference in the lives of the youth. That’s when Financial Partners FCU teamed up with Banzai.

Banzai is a online program that supplies contact, lesson plans and other teaching tools to help users practice and learn finance and money skills. The program teaches students how to manage a budget, create saving goals and how to deal with unexpected financial pitfalls.

What started as four schools has now grown to 12. The program has help educate more than 1,500 students in Allen County. Prior to the pandemic employees of the Financial Partners FCU would volunteer at local elementary, middle and high schools to show kids how to manage money.

“Showing the kids the positives and powers of saving even a penny a day, what that does until they turn 18-years-old, their eyes get wide and excited,” Shuey said. “This is what the program does and that’s what I love about the program.”

The credit union pays for the program and then allows area schools to use it for free. Elementary students learn how to count cash and coins and what a savings account is. Middle and high school students learn about basic financial skills, like how to obtain a good credit score.

“The good thing about Banzai is that they make it specific to Indiana curriculum so the teachers don’t feel like they are trying to squeeze something in,” Shuey said. “The kids really enjoy it and they are learning too.”

The financial institution also has the program up on its website for adults.

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