Fight over building and its history in Huntington

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The Huntington community wants answers behind why this so-called historic building, across from Memorial Park, was torn down.

The original building dated back to 1860. It was Lambin P Milligan’s house, originally located south of Hitzfield St. Parts of the house were moved after a fire in 1984, to it’s current location, 1125 W Park. Dr.

Community members have heard different stories passed down through generations. But after sitting down with the Huntington Mayor for some answers, he put some rumors to rest.

Mayor Brooks Fetters said, “After 33 years of no story being told, there’s all kinds of stories that go with it, that range anywhere from outrageous falsehood to something close to the truth but not quite the truth.” 

The mayor shared that he’s heard many accusations about how the building’s demolition was decided. Mayor Fetters said,  “The process of bringing the stone structure down really flows from improvements that the city of Huntington are wanting to make with the historic sunken gardens.”

The mayor added that he had conversations with local historians, architectural groups, and the Barr association, all groups that were involved in getting it erected.

Mayor Fetters said, “There’s never been any educational instructional material there with it, it was a structure that was not productive for the city, in the way of where we want to build other amenities to go with other park features that we’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in, and had a false story floating around with it.”

To learn more about the Historic Review Board and Huntington’s locally designated historic structures click here.

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