FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – He’s accused of handing over five plastic baggies of a tan powdery substance while giving a warning.

Whoever’s buying this, he said, “needs to know to cut it with something, otherwise people will die.”

What 26-year-old Gustavo Adolfo Calderon Martinez did not know at the time, according to U.S. District Court documents, is that he was handing over baggies of heroin to a federal informant and that FBI agents were recording his conversation.

Federal agents arrested Martinez this past Thursday, accusing him of selling cocaine and heroin to one of their informants multiple times over the course of April and early May.

Gustavo Adolfo Calderon Martinez

He is facing one federal count of distribution of cocaine and heroine, according to court records.

On April 6, agents provided an informant with $3,000 cash to buy cocaine from Martinez, court records said. Martinez gave the informant roughly 94 grams of cocaine for $1,400. He asked the informant to pay him another $1,200 at a later date, which the FBI arranged.

On April 20, the informant set up a meeting to buy heroin from Martinez. Martinez brought the baggies of heroin, totaling 145 grams, and gave the warning that the drug should be cut or people could die, according to court documents.

Martinez set up another meet with the informant the next day in which the informant was to bring cash for the heroin.

During that meeting, the informant handed over more than $6,200 of pre-marked bills to Martinez, court documents said.

Agents and the informant arranged another purchase, this time roughly 115 grams of heroin, from Martinez on May 5. They used roughly $4,200 or marked cash for that buy, court documents said.

Investigators recorded all interactions with Martinez using an audio device, according to court documents. He’s currently being held without bond in Allen County Jail.