When you think of bar scenes in the movies, it typically looks like men putting a few beers back and talking about whatever sports team may be on the TV. Over at Hop River Brewing, they’re changing that narrative.

These are the Fearless Women.

The Fearless Women emerged after a market research project from students at Indiana Tech and a zine called, “Gurls Who Drink Beer” collided.

The research and interviews in the zine showed the need for a monthly meetup of women.

“Being fearless doesn’t mean you don’t have fear…we’re an amazing group who just want to make things easier for the next generation of women and try new things so that they’re level of fearlessness is greater than ours,” says Staci Lugar Brettin, a Fearless Women supporter.

Despite being from a range of ages and professions, during the first meetup in January 2019, the women found commonalities between themselves.

“Really acknowledging that women have a tendency to apologize. we have a tendency to kind of keep our voice to our self, a little quieter, and we really do need to support each other in standing up and giving our opinions and acknowledging we do have experiences and we do have really great ideas,” says Mary Corinne Lowenstein, founder of the Fearless Women.

The communal tables and inclusivity Hop River provides allows the women to speak freely during the meetups.

“I would say that right off the bat for me, I would want other women to feel a sense of community, to feel included, and to have a safe space where they can share their fears or their hopes, and have a real support system,” says Kara Doak, Artistic Director of Fearless Women.

The group is still in its infancy and its creators plan to evolve Fearless Women to the needs of the women attending.

This is a beautiful opportunity to get outside your bubble, get outside your lane, get outside your career, get outside your neighborhood…. you never know what mentors or friendships may develop just from hanging out and drinking a beer,” says Mary Corinne.

The group meets the last Thursday of every month. Learn more by clicking here.