Court Docs: Father “lost it” and squeezes son’s head, fracturing the child’s skull

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A father of a three-month old boy is facing felony battery and neglect charges after child taken to the hospital with a fractured skull, broken ribs and bruises.

Fort Wayne police were dispatched to a local hospital Friday morning in reference to a child hurt. Court documents show the boy was hurt Thursday under the care of his father, 23-year-old Tristan Frayer. The mother of the baby, went to work and left the child in the care of Frayer.

Once the mom returned, she said the baby was fussy. When she was giving the child a bath, he slipped out of his seat but didn’t know when or how the baby was hurt. The mother said the child didn’t sleep much during the night, so she took him to the hospital believing he had a head injuring from falling.

When Frayer showed up at the hospital, he was interviewed by police to know what happened. Court documents show Frayer was getting frustrated because he was unable to console the child. He said he left him in a swing in the living room while he went outside to mow. Once he came back the baby was still crying, so he took the child into the bedroom where it was cooler. Frayer said he tried feeding the child but he was still fussy. Then he got made and left the baby on the bed while he took a shower.

Once he got out of the shower, the baby was still crying and Frayer said “he lost it”. He grabbed the child around the chest and squeezed him. Frayer then was holding him in the air and tossed him onto the bed. Then he leaned over the bed and put his forehead to the child’s forehead and started to squeeze the child’s head. Police arrested Frayer when he admitted to investigators that he had caused the injuries.

Doctors say the victim suffered a skull fracture with a brain bleed, has three fractured ribs and bruises on his legs. Officials say there is the potential for death with any brain bleed.

Frayer is scheduled to be in court for a hearing on Monday, July 8.

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