WOODBURN, Ind. (WANE)- With inflation and shortages, and the unpredictable weather of the Midwest, local farmers are at the tail end of their planting season, and are struggling.

Farmer, Austin Miller, works in fields just 40 minutes east of Fort Wayne. But for this season it has been tougher than other.

“This was probably my first full day I’ve had all season,” said Miller. “Trying to get something done throughout the year but it’s been pretty challenging dodging rain showers, we get a window of 4 to 5 days so we try to make the best of it whenever we can,” Miller explained.

Add on the higher than normal gas prices, to the mix as well as the potential shortages farmers may see in the near future, makes their jobs even harder.

“Most of our inputs in the off season, so we have most of them on hand, I do kind of worry about the availability of some, inputs here moving forward, stuff that we have purchased but maybe we don’t have on hand,” Miller said. “A lot of suppliers still encourage us that we still will be able to receive them in a timely fashion, but they are at the mercy of the market just like we are,” said Miller. “They are going to do they best that they can and we are going to do the best that we can,” Miller said. “It’s one of our largest inputs one of our largest supplies that we have to use and we are at the complete mercy of gas prices it’s unfortunate but it’s something we have to use, we have to earn it,” Miller explained.

Those aren’t the only thing farmers want people to be aware of. Road safety during planting season is crucial.

“Show some respect for farmers that are working along side the roads, that goes a long way for us to feel more comfortable, as well as limiting any instances that might happen,” Miller said. “You’re working into midnight, 1 a.m., 2 a.m., we put as many lights as we can on these things to give drivers a fair warning, but sometimes, that’s not enough,” explained Miller. “Just a little curtesy, slowing down, were probably in a bigger hurry than most people that are passing us on the road but that’s the best that we can do, we’ve got families we want to go home to at night to,” Miller said.