VAN WERT, Ohio (WANE) – Eggerss Stadium in Van Wert is on the ballot to receive funding for renovations.

Since Van Wert was chartered as a city, its backbones have grown a little old. 

Brumback Library dates back to 1899, the Marsh Foundation school 1861, and the Van Wert Courthouse dates back to 1876. 

And Eggers Stadium, one of Van Wert’s other historic structures, was built in 1936, but it’s looking a little long in the tooth. 

The Eggers Stadium Renovation Committee has called attention to the current issues the stadium is facing. 

Eggerss doesn’t have adequate seating handicap services, and some of its amenities such as locker rooms, concessions, safety railings, etc. are out of date. In addition, the committee would like to see a new press box, and a turf field added among other renovations to modernize the stadium. 

They are looking to acquire 5 million dollars through a 20-year bond that will be on the ballot on May 3rd. 

Despite its signs of age, the committee has made it clear that the stadium is not just iconic, but an important part of Van Wert. 

Co-chair of the Eggers Stadium Renovation Committee Eric Mccracken said he never got to play on the field himself, but he said that watching his three sons play there made him realize the importance of “Cougar pride.”

“Home of the cougars, the center of the Van Wert community. ”

This phrase is painted along the wall that forms the northern horizon of the stadium. A wall that according to Stacey Baer, who calls herself the bookkeeper of the committee, is iconic. 

A picture of “The most recognizable piece of cement in Van Wert.” (Ethan Dahlen/Wane 15)

“My mom was a cheerleader, and I remember she used to talk about the band coming out from under the tunnel, and they would come out and touch this wall. It means a lot to anyone who’s ever played on this field. At the end of most seasons you can come out here and you find their cleats thrown up over the goalpost because this is just a place that has meant so much to them,” Baer remarked.

According to Mccracken, the wall was painted by a man named David Boroff in 1977, and since then it has become “The most recognizable piece of cement in Van Wert.”

The bond will need a majority affirmative vote to secure the funding to make renovations. 

For resources on how Van Wert citizens can vote maybe be found on the Van Wert county site, here