Fans brave the Cold for TinCaps Opener

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Temperatures were in the mid to low 40’s with winds swirling at Parkview field and rain on the way when the Fort Wayne TinCaps opened their season Thursday night. Yet, some dedicated fans still made their way to Parkview Field. 

“I haven’t missed an opening night since baseball came back to Fort Wayne,” said Jim Garigen, who kept his streak alive Thursday night. “This is perfect weather for baseball.” 

The TinCaps announced attendance during the game at 4,000 people, but the stands were never full. Some people who did come to the game had a message for those who decided to stay home. 

“It’s still a good time and you’re missing out,” said Sami Lynn Absnider, who came to town from Texas for the game. She and her family came bundled up with coats, snow boots and blankets to keep warm. 

In the cold, rainy weather, what gets people to go to the game? 

“Baseball at this level is phenomenal, just being able to see these kids develop and strive for their dream,” said Garigen. “Opening day is just the start of spring. It’s the crack of the bat. It’s the smell of the ballpark. Everything.” 

Some people were not there as fans. They were there as staff. At least one didn’t think staying home was such a bad idea. When Parkview field staff member Sierra Tillotson was asked what she would say to people who stayed home because of the weather, she said, “Good choice, but you’ll miss a good game.” 

The TinCaps ended up winning their season opener 3 to 0. The team is looking to fill some part-time positions for this season. Team President Mike Nutter said the positions are mostly in the concessions and food and beverage teams. If you are interested, you can find more information on those jobs here

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