Family thanks TRAA paramedics after saving their little girl’s life

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TRAA Saves a little girls life

The day after Christmas, the Monnier family’s dog was chewing on a rawhide, while Naomi was laying on the couch.

All in the blink of an eye, when Naomi reached for the dog it lunged at her, biting her face.

Naomi’s mother Alysa called 911 and TRAA paramedics Cody Brooks and Terry Masters arrived to the family’s house in 4 minutes.

They had the 8-month-old loaded in to the ambulance in 2 minutes.

Alysa says she still remembers how much blood there was, and how scared she was that she was going to lose her little girl.

Alysa told NewsChannel 15 “It was terrifying and they were just phenomenal they were so nice and got there when we needed them and it was amazing.”

Paramedic Cody Brooks shared that at the time he had one daughter and they were expecting. He went home and hugged his daughter a little tighter that night. 

Naomi is fully recovered, she has full feeling, full range of motion, and can still show her big smile.

As for the dog, the family no longer owns it. The dog lives with a family in Indianapolis that does not have any children.

The Monniers do still have their other family dog, and Naomi is not phased by the incident at all. In fact, her mother says every time Naomi sees a dog in public she asks to pet it.

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