Family picking up the pieces after avoidable tragedy

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Police believe a shooting that landed a Fort Wayne man in the hospital in critical condition was accidental. Now, more than two weeks later, the family is still picking up the pieces of a tragic accident that could have been avoided. Police are once again reminding people how to avoid what this family is going through.

“He’s just truly wonderful,” Samara Taylor said. “He just didn’t deserve this. He didn’t deserve this.”

Taylor can’t believe it’s been more than two weeks since she got that dreaded text.

“[The text said] something really bad just happened,” she said.

Taylor’s brother, Devon Charters, was shot in the head. Taylor said someone was cleaning a gun around Devon at a home on Spy Run Avenue when it went off.

“It ricocheted off the table, and entered through Devon’s left side of his head, and is permanently lodged in the right side,” Taylor said.

Taylor said Devon was a rock for his whole family. She calls him ‘her person.’ He took care of his grandparents every day, and is a father to a young son.

“The biggest part is Dominic,” Taylor said. “He’s a father. He has a little boy. His life is forever changed now.”

The family has set up a Go Fund Me for Devon to help take care of medical costs, and to take care of his son. In two days more than 2,000 dollars has been raised.

Police say gun ownership comes with a lof of responsibility and respect. They say always treat your gun like it’s loaded, but when cleaning it check, double check and check again that it’s empty.

Always aim it in a safe direction, and limit distractions.

“That includes other people,” Sgt. Ron Galaviz with Indiana State Police said. “We get our mind taken off of what we’re doing, especially with a firearm, which is weapon and can hurt you.”

Taylor won’t let her mind go down the road of anger about what has happened. Her focus is her brother.

“He’s fighting. Quite literally,” she said.

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