FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — As news spread of human remains found near Yoder, one woman went to the scene hoping to find answers about her loved one.

“Do I want it to be Kevin? No, but my heart wants Kevin to come home,” said Dee Campbell, grandmother of Kevin Nguyen.

Nguyen, who was last seen in the early hours of December 9, 2018, has now been missing for more than three years. In that time, nearly every time Campbell has heard the news of a body or human remains found around Allen County, she’s out the door and on her way, hoping this time, it might be her grandson.

“Yesterday my phone was blowing up,” Campbell said. “When I was going from [home] to Yoder, my phone was blowing up people sending me prayers, [saying] God, I hope it’s not Kevin, if it is, stay strong.”

The remains did not belong to Nguyen. While Campbell was glad that her grandson was not found dead, she was still left with questions about what happened to him and where he is now. In the time since he was last seen, showing up to scene after scene and waiting to learn if the remains are Nguyen’s has taken its toll.

“It’s a rollercoaster ride for me,” said Campbell. “I didn’t sleep last night. When I hear these things, my heart races, my head starts pounding a little bit. I tend to get nauseated because I’m in such a need to find my grandson. When I go there, and it’s not Kevin, and then it’s like, I got a gut punch.”

Even though her heart aches with every day Nguyen is still missing, Campbell said she will keep showing up when remains are found until she finds her grandson.

“I’m 73, and as long as I can walk and talk, I will continue to find and look for Kevin and keep his name alive in his face out there,” said Campbell. “However many times it happens, at least somebody will find closure for their loved one. It’s not Kevin, but it will be someday.”

Last month a new billboard was installed on Broadway near where Nguyen was last seen. The family has been able to increase the reward to $10,000 for information that would lead to his whereabouts.