A family of four is safe after a fire started in their home early Monday morning. 

Fire crews from the Huntertown Fire Department responded to 13425 Lake Hill Drive around 2:30 a.m. The two-story home is in a subdivision off of Coldwater Road near Perry Hill Elementary School. 

When firefighters got there, they found smoke and flames in a bedroom and master bathroom on the back side of the home. 

Two adults and two children had already evacuated the home before fire crews arrived. 

Crews from three fire departments worked to get the fire and smoke under control. It took them about 20 minutes to do so, according to Assistant Chief Pat Feely, Huntertown Fire Department. 

Feely said crews were able to contain the damage mainly to the first floor, but it sustained moderate damage.

Preliminary investigations indicated that an electrical issue started the fire. 

Nobody was hurt. 

Fire crews experienced a minor delay when initially responding to the fire. Two trees fell and blocked Coldwater Road, just north of the home. That happened shortly before crews were called to the fire.

Feely said dispatch was proactive in notifying them of the blockage, which allowed them to take an alternate route to cut down on their response time. 

In the meantime, two vehicles crashed into the downed trees before emergency crews got there to block the road.

The collisions caused significant damage to the vehicles, but nobody was hurt in either crash.

Police shut down a section of Coldwater Road for about two hours while crews worked to clear the tree. The road has since reopened.