FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — The community remembered a young mother and her three children whose lives were cut short at a vigil Thursday night in Fort Wayne.

The vigil was held outside the home where the family was killed.

Sarah Zent and her kids 5-year-old Carter, 3-year-old Ashton and 2-year-old Aubree were honored outside the home they were killed in on Gay Street in Fort Wayne.

Sarah’s mom, Melanie Fields, was at the vigil and talked about her memories of the family.

“Their just contagious laugh. They were always having fun, playing and that’s always something I am going to miss about Sarah. I have a few videos, but just her laugh,. She was just so full of life,” Melanie Fields said.

Fields says the community has helped her with her immense grief over the last year.

“I couldn’t have gotten this far without the community. I feel every thought, every prayer, and I just can’t say thank you. enough,” Fields said.

Sarah’s dad, Allen Zent Jr., and her stepmom Angela Zent echoed that sentiment.

“It means a lot. Like I said it’s overwhelming,” Allen Zent Jr. said.

“It’s surreal. The number of messages we get on Facebook. People we don’t even know want to wish us luck,” Angela Zent said.

The 1-year anniversary vigil comes just weeks after Cohen Hancz-Barron was found guilty of the murders and the jury recommended him to spend life behind bars without the possibility of parole.

“It doesn’t bring them back, but it’s a sense of peace knowing that he can’t hurt anyone else,” Fields said.

While Thursday’s vigil was very special to the family and friends, it won’t erase the grief they still feel today.

“You would never think you’d be living something like this,” Allen Zent Jr. said.