Families breathe sigh of relief at announcement of Riley clinic

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – When 4-year-old Briek was born, doctors told his mother Britney Woods some tough news. He has a disorder where he doesn’t get enough biotin, medically known as Biotinidase deficiency. It wasn’t easy to hear. “Super devastating. I mean nobody wants to get the news about their child having a potential metabolic disorder or any kind of disorder.”

Throughout the years Woods and her family of four have made countless trips to Riley Children’s Hospital. Now luckily it’s down to once a year. But it’s still time consuming and sometimes stressful. “We have to plan our vacation around going to Riley all the time.”

With the announcement of a clinic coming to Fort Wayne, she can worry a little less. “It saves a lot of stress. We’ve been fortunate that we only have to go annually at this point but there’s so many people who have to take this trip more frequent and I couldn’t imagine having to do that.”

In fact, according to Riley’s CEO Matthew Cook, 10,000 patients from Fort Wayne make the trip every year. But come January 2018, many of those can stay in town.

Cook said this isn’t meant to take away from other providers but add to them. “We have a long history of collaborating locally and wave had wonderful partners. So between the local health care providers and the community, it’s a very rewarding environment for us and it’s one of the reasons why this is our first choice for what we’re doing here with the clinic.”

As for Briek, he had his annual appointment last month and hopefully, it was the last trip. “That’s what we’re hoping for. Then we can vacation somewhere else.”

At first there will just be urologists and cardiologists at the clinic. But later on other physicians will join the team. Some already travel to town for visits

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