FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Fort 4 Fitness is just over a week away and a local mom is helping other get in shape.

Amanda Munger has always lived an active lifestyle, but had to find time to exercise while becoming a parent and working a full time job. She has participated in multiple running events and will participate in the upcoming Fort 4 Fitness event next weekend. Now, she’s sharing her experiences with the community.

Every week the “Sunday Run-day” group meets at the Parkview Family YMCA. Munger organized the group through event posts on social media. She was the only one to attend during the first week, but has since seen the numbers grow. Local mothers and their kids have come out on a weekly basis from four until five on Sundays to get some exercise. Munger says that dad’s are welcome as well.

“Health is one of the most important things to you and without your health there’s nothing else that you can do. So by taking that first step out, it’s individualized. You can put in the time and the effort that you want and then you’re going to start seeing results,” said Munger.

More information about Amanda’s story can be found on her website here. She includes tips for those who are just starting out on their own running journey. The online blog is designed to be informative to those who are at any stage of running, just like her weekly group.