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People across the country are growing concerned about the quality of Walmart’s milk after customers said it spoiled before the expiration date.

In August, WANE 15 first reported that a Fort Wayne woman reportedly had to dump three containers of Great Value Milk over a months time because was expired at least five days before the date stamped on the jug.

It has since become the most viewed story on and we have received dozens of the same complaints from states across the country.

It is still unclear what the issue may be, however experts told 15 Finds Out that it could be a result of contamination after processing. That typically happens when the milk is not stored at the proper temperature allowing bacteria to grow. 

Contamination after processing accounts for about 50 percent of spoiled milk and and could occur during transportation to the store, problems with refrigeration at the store or improper handling once a consumer takes the product home.

Here are some tips to maximize the quality of your milk at home:

  • Shop for refrigerated items last
  • Keep a cooler in your car for the drive home.
  • Keep refrigerator temperature at about 40 degrees
  • Store milk in the refrigerator right away. 
  • Do not  store milk in the door
  • Do not leave milk sitting out

Experts said if stored properly, milk could last a week or two after the date stamped on the jug. Perhaps, the best test is the smell test and as the old addage goes – when in doubt throw it out.

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