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Valentine’s Day always brings a wide range of emotions and opinions from people around the world. 

Some celebrate with the usual cards, flowers, and chocolates. Others head out for a nice dinner. And some don’t celebrate at all. 

No matter how you choose to celebrate the day, it usually makes people at least think about love and relationships.

That’s why we decided to go to some “experienced experts” around the area to get some perspective and advice on the topic. 

Grace and Loren Moser have been married for more than 60 years. They met through Loren’s sister who worked with Grace. 

Loren explained that he was looking for something more when he returned to the United States after serving in the Korean War.

“I came home from Korea and I didn’t feel comfortable in town anymore,” Loren said. “I became very lonely. I said one night to my dear lord, I said, ‘I want a wife.’ That’s all I said, ‘I want a wife.’ The next day I wrote a letter.”

The Mosers laughed as they remembered that Loren had addressed the letter wrong, so it didn’t initially reach Grace. Thankfully Grace lived in Berne. 

“Berne’s a small town, and back then they knew everybody, and I got the letter,” Grace said with a smile on her face.

From there, the couple started dating and eventually got married – a decision that Loren didn’t take lightly. 

“I understood commitment because I was in the service. When you said you were going to do something, you did it,” Loren said. “I knew that whenever I made that promise that I was going to stick with her for the rest of her life. And I stuck, no problem.”

Sixty years, two children, five grandchildren, and one adorable great granddaughter later, Loren and Grace are still in love. 

“The good lord made us to get together, but we have to work together, and we work in love,” Loren said.

But not everybody’s story pans out the same as the Mosers’. Some people find love when they least expect it, after suffering a tragic loss. 

That was the case for Pat and Paul Rider. 

“I had no idea I’d ever, ever remarry after Lloyd died,” Pat said with Paul shaking his head in agreement. 

Before meeting each other, Pat lost her husband of 43 years, and Paul lost his wife of 52 years. 

Pat was nearly 70 years old when she met Paul, who was 80 at the time in 1998. 

They met while on a mission trip to Honduras. It was something Paul had always wanted to do, and now he looks back fondly on the trip as it’s where he found his new love. 

They got married in 2000. Nineteen years later, Pat is now 87 years old, and Paul just celebrated his 99th birthday. 

Despite their ages, Paul said the same principles apply.

“I don’t care when you’re married,” he said. “You have to learn to give.”

The Riders’ love story may seem unusual to some, but according to Grace Moser, age is only a number. 

“You’re never too old to get some love,” she said with a grin. 

Although the Mosers’ story doesn’t quite follow the same plot as the Riders’, both couples have found love in their own unique way. 

Now they hope to use their experiences to help others looking to build a lasting relationship this Valentine’s Day and beyond. 

“We’re not perfect people,” Grace Moser said. “It takes a lot of forgiveness in a marriage, a lot of understanding.”

Loren Moser passed this piece of wisdom, “Understand what commitment means. Understand what your faith does and how you use your faith.”

“You just learn what to talk about and what not to talk about, and then you don’t get upset,” Pat said with her husband Paul looking on laughing.

Loren then capped things off with a playful, yet valuable word of advice that we can all use on a daily basis, regardless of whether we’re looking for love or not. 

“You can get a lot more with a little bit of honey, than you can with all of the mustard in the world.”

From all of us at WANE 15, Happy Valentine’s Day.

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