Expensive discovery threatens the future of the Old Fort

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – It’s not uncommon to see repairs going on at the Old Fort. But the current project wasn’t on the calendar. “It’s totally unexpected, something we hadn’t planned on, but something that we’re definitely going to fix.”

Tom Grant with Historic Fort Wayne Inc. said during a repair on one of the roofs they discovered some rotting wood. Then as they went into tier after tier, they discovered more and more rotting. “Until you get into it and start looking at them, you find out that the entire part of the inside timber has been rotted away, even those both sides look as good as they did forty years ago.”

Still, they quickly found out that’s not the case. And now Grant expects thousands of dollars in repairs. “I’m guessing just that block of house over there alone is probably going to be north of $20,000.”

They’ll check the buildings and see what the logs look like and which ones need replaced. New roofs were added four years ago to try and save the building but nothing major to the logs, built forty years ago. The Fort lives on solely through donations and volunteers and events are usually free. “This is an amazing educational facility. We run thousands of children through every year and it’s a constant reminder of our heritage and what our entire community can be proud of.”

Now possibly more than ever they need the community’s help to keep what was once the foundation of the city standing. “This is a very generous community and am certain that were going to find the funds that we need to save the Fort and keep the Fort in Fort Wayne.”

Donations can be sent to PO Box 12650 Fort Wayne, IN 46864 or you can stop by 1201 Spy Run Ave Fort Wayne, IN 46805.

For questions calls 260-437-2836.

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