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Exclusive: Mother of wanted murder suspect receives letter from him

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) - The mother of Gerald Pinkston received a letter from her son where he claims he is innocent.

Pinkston is wanted for murder in connection to a shooting in Fort Wayne that left three people dead on Thanksgiving night. 

Pinkston's mother, Eavonda Pinkston, showed the letter only to WANE 15. She is confident it is from her son because she says it is his handwriting. 

In the letter, Pinkston says "I did not shoot anybody. I did not have a gun, my intentions was to strictly go visit a friend of a friend." 

The letter goes on to say "There was no conversation about anything bad supposed to happen to anyone before we entered the residence on Downtingtown Drive. I'm not a violent person." 

Kameron Joyner has already been charged with five counts of aggravated battery in the triple homicide. Joevonn Johnson, Colton Messmer, and Tracey Andrews were all found dead in the house. 

According to court documents, the shooting was the result of a robbery of someone dealing marijuana from the home. 

The letter did not have a return address. Eavonda said it was left in the mailbox of a friend of a friend who then contacted her. 

She is sharing the letter with WANE 15 in hopes her son turns himself in to clear his name. 

"He's scared and he's been running," Eavonda said. "He's scared because he doesn't know what to do himself. But I wish if he sees this to turn himself in and make it so you can show them people that you're not violent and you're not dangerous. I know this because I raised you and I know you are not a violent person."

In the letter, Pinkston also wrote he wouldn't wish this on anyone - especially after losing his older brother just months before. In a second page, Pinkston wrote the date, his name, and his signature. 

On Friday, Fort Wayne Police said the search for Pinkston is still ongoing and that so far they did not have any strong leads as to where he may be. The department said if Pinkston is innocent, he should turn himself in and give a statement. 

A warrant is out for Pinkston's arrest. He is wanted on three charges of murder. 

Eavonda said she planned on giving the letter to detectives after our interview with her. 

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