WELLS COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) — A Wells County entrepreneur is looking to bring more business to the county and he is using his own wallet to incentivize employers.

Quinn Kumfer has been able to grow his videography business, Treeboy Productions, as well as start a new one, Treeboy Processing, with help from the Wells County Community. Now, he wants to do something for the community in return.

“Ideally, we’d like to bring in businesses that are going to add jobs,” said Kumfer “That’s the ultimate goal, we want to grow and strengthen the economy in Wells County.”

To do that, Kumfer will set aside 20% of the annual revenue for Treeboy Processing in 2022 in order to fund a new grant for businesses looking to set up shop in Wells County. The winner of the grant will be determined in a pitch night where five judges, made up of business and community leaders, will vote on what they think will add the most to the county.

It can be a new or existing business of any size or focus but must be headquartered somewhere in Wells County for at least five years.

“I have no preference over any of that,” Kumfer said. “As long as they’re good people, they have a good head on their shoulders. They’re driven, they have a detailed plan on how they plan on using this money.”

Kumfer chose five years as the minimum because he said that is enough time to determine if a business is successful, or to convince them to stay in the county. His long-term goal is to turn this into a yearly grant competition.

“The goal for me is to see that new substantial business every single year that way we can help strengthen our economy and help Wells County become sort of the mecca for entrepreneurs in our area to come down and check out what we have to offer,” said Kumfer.

The money to fund the grant will come from Treeboy Processing’s annual revenue. That company is in its first year so Kumfer will wait to accept applications for the grant until January 2023 so that he can get an idea of how substantial the grant will be. He said that also gives applicants time to work on their pitch and put together a business plan.