FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — The main entrance at the Fort Wayne International Airport, where pickups and drop-offs take place, will reopen near the end of the month.

Executive Director of Airports Scott Hinderman told WANE 15 the road was just re-paved and is set to reopen on November 21.

The re-pavement is part of the larger, two-year phase of construction taking place at FWA.

Hinderman said that things have been slowed a bit while trying to get materials for the project, but it’s still set to be completed in March of 2023.

Entrance row reopening is good news to many, including Hinderman who told WANE 15 that even he has been a bit impatient with the continuous construction.

 “If you don’t come down here frequently right now, I will admit that the terminal pick up and drop off is not intuitive,” he said. “We’ve tried to heavily sign the area. In fact, at one point I think we had too many signs out. So, we’ve tried to moderate the signage a little bit to where if you drive slower, you read all the signs, you can get through our construction environment pretty easily.”

That will soon change and things can go back to normal from at least one standpoint for the winter months.

Hinderman added parts of the construction that are already done look great and that everything is going well.

He believes the airport will be top-notch once all the construction is finished.

“The areas that are done look absolutely awesome. I’m proud of it, northeast Indiana residents should be proud of it, and it’s one great first impression for those who are coming to visit our area,” Hinderman said.

Once the current phase of construction is finished, there’s another phase of work coming to the Fort Wayne airport.

The design is done and construction documents are being completed now for the next phase of work.

Hinderman said that process will start in the spring when the current phase is completed, then there will be another year and a half to two years of work at the airport.

Until bids are opened, they won’t know the exact duration of the project, Hinderman said.

After it’s all done, Hinderman is excited for many years of a modern and good-looking airport.

You can learn more about the construction project on FWA’s website. Hinderman said they’re also happy to give tours to those interested in seeing the completed work.