DECATUR, Ind. (WANE)- Energized By Ebony hosted their 6th annual Energized By Ebony Wiffleball tournament Saturday at the REV Sports Complex.

BethAnn Fawcett, Ebony’s mother and director of Energized by Ebony, has held many events in honor of her daughter’s passing in 2010 to her battle with cancer. Six teams took the field Saturday to play for three kids currently battling cancer.

Fawcett explains how the community has continued to support the organization to keep her daughters spirit alive.

“The community supporting the kiddos that were helping because they don’t get to see what we see when we pass out the bags or when we talk to the parents or the kiddos,” Fawcett said. “To see the kids come out here, some out of treatment, some are just getting into treatment it’s so good to see that they support us and know us and they are still venturing out to meet people,” said Fawcett. “It’s still a grieving process but doing this helps.”

One of the kids who Energized by Ebony has helped and seen beat her battle with cancer is 19-year-old Victoria Valentine. She is grateful to have Fawcett help her during some of her darkest times.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a hospital bed upset and realized that there is a package at my door because Energized by Ebony sent me some really cool crafting supplies to play with while I was in the hospital,” explained Valentine. “BethAnn she really tries to make everyone feel happy and welcomed and at home,” Valentine said.

There was also a silent auction to raise money as well.

More information on Energized by Ebony and to donate.