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Democratic Presidential hopeful Senator Elizabeth Warren hosted her Fort Wayne Town Hall at Bergstaff Place Wednesday night in front of a crowd of about 150 people. 

The town hall was aired live on MSNBC’s “All In with Chris Hayes.” 

In his introduction, Hayes called Fort Wayne “the heart of Trump country.” 

But when the audience in the room was asked its most-important issue, beating Donald Trump received the most applause. 

Warren said she wanted to come to Fort Wayne because she believed people here know about jobs and that the economy is working mainly for the rich. 

“I have a plan for that,” is a phrase Warren is known for. She uttered it several times during the town hall. 

She used the phrase first to explain her plan that would make America the world leader in green manufacturing, creating good-paying jobs. The development of those products would be funded by her proposed wealth tax, which would hit households worth more than $50-million at a 2% rate. 

The most local question she was asked was how going green would affect Fort Wayne manufacturing at the GM plant, with Hayes saying trucks that get “14 miles to the gallon” would be threatened. 

Warren suggested change is part of America’s history and the plant would be able to adapt. 

Former 3rd District Congressional candidate Courtney Tritch asked Warren where she would work across the aisle with Republicans and on which issue she would not compromise. 

Warren cited her work with Republicans to improve availability of hearing aids to customers, with the idea being that as more vendors enter the market, the cost will go down. 

However, Warren drew the line at working with the GOP on anything that would limit Americans’ access to affordable healthcare. 

Some people in the crowd were Democrats looking for a candidate for whom they would vote. 

“The thing that I learned the most was the fight in her,” said town hall attendee Jamie Garwood. “I hadn’t really had a chance to see her up close, just  through some interviews and reading things, but when you really listen to her in a space like that, and you can see her fight, she can win, and I think that’s what I took away from this tonight.” 

Others were going through hard times and were looking for encouragement about the future. 

“Actually, I work for Schneider Electric in Peru, Indiana,” said Eli Ireland, another town hall attendee. “They announced back in February that they were closing our plant. 70% of our work, unfortunately is going to Monterrey, Mexico. Unfortunately, the wheels have been set in motion, and our plant is going to close regardless, but the Green idea, and some of those initiatives. I like that idea so, that’s encouraging 

Host Chris Hayes told WANE 15 after the event that he would give the show an “A-” grade, telling the audience before the event that this was the first live town hall he had done this election cycle. The others were recorded to look live. 

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