FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Work continues on Electric Works as the redevelopment project enters its final year of construction. Phase II of the project – which is bordered by Lavina Street, Union Street and Broadway – is scheduled to begin in the coming weeks.

Before beginning Phase II construction, Kevan Biggs, a partner with Electric Works developer RTM Venutres, says a few homes need to be cleared. However, instead of demolishing these all homes, developers worked to preserve some that hold historic value.

Two houses were selected for relocation. One house, which was previously located on the southeast corner of Lavina and Jackson Streets, was uprooted and shifted to the northeast corner. A second house located on Union Street will also be shifted to a vacant lot. A third house was considered, but it could not be relocated due to structural integrity issues.

Developers considered several factors in a home like its viability, its ability to be moved and interior design. According to Biggs, the house on Jackson and Lavina Streets contains intricate woodwork and interior designs that was worth preserving.

Based on feedback from the West Central community, Biggs says it is important to preserve as much of the neighborhood as possible.

“We felt it was important to save the homes that we could, but then relocate them on some of these vacant lots so that we could knit back the fabric of the community to make sure it’s sound,” Biggs said.

While the house along Jackson and Lavina Streets was relocated on Tuesday morning, it will take another week to create a new concrete foundation for the home.

Once complete, Phase II of Electric Works will consist of a parking garage, residential units for apartments and senior-living space.

Developers hope to complete construction of Electric Works by Fall 2022.