FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Not only will the Union Street Market highlight local food entrepreneurs, but it will also showcase the talents of regional artists who will create murals that can be seen when the market opens.

The Union Street Market at Electric Works will feature public art in the form of mural panels from nine regional artists.

“Union Street Market will offer a truly unique experience,” said Katy Silliman, senior experience director for Electric Works.” “Tenants and visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy delicious food and drinks at the historic Electric Works campus while appreciating beautiful public art created by talented local artists.”

The nine artists who will create the murals include:

  • Bonnie “Bonjo” Andrews
  • Olivia Perez & Cecilia Dunifon
  • Emily Mercedes
  • Raul Perez
  • Terry Ratliff
  • Theoplis Smith III, aka “Phresh Laundry”
  • Jeremy Stroup
  • Julie Wall
  • Grace Yencer

“This Electric Works mural project is a great platform to showcase the local talent we have here and highlight what makes our city unique,” Wall said.