Election board tosses complaints against candidate’s residency

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The Allen County Election Board has dismissed complaints against Perry Township Trustee Eric Tippmann, who is now running for a Fort Wayne City Council seat, that argued he’s living outside of the district he was elected to represent.

The case dates back to 2018, when, as Tippmann was campaigning for the Perry Township Trustee seat, he moved out of the district. Tippmann did not sell the home he moved from, but instead he rented it out.

His opponent in that race filed a complaint with the Election Board, but it was shot down because Tippmann maintained he had “intent” to move back to the township.

As Tippmann enters his third month as Perry Township Trustee, t  hat hasn’t happened.  

  On Tuesday, the Election Board heard challenges from Republican David Roach and Democrat Gina Burgess, as well as a complaint filed by Brandon Siefert about Tippmann’s residency.  

 The board dismissed both challenges against Tippmann and said residency issues should be handled by the courts, not the Election Board. The board also dismissed Siefert’s complaint on a lack of jurisdiction. 

Tippmann is currently running for a Fort Wayne City Council At-Large seat. He’s served two months as Perry Township Trustee, a job he left County Council for. 

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