EDGERTON, Ohio (WANE) – After generators powered the Village of Edgerton for more than 24 hours, the small community of around 2,000 in Williams County, Ohio is back on electricity from Toledo Edison.

Monday night lightning hit a power pole and then a train pulled the lines, taking out 16 total poles and knocking out power to around 2,000 residents.

Tuesday the village generators came on around 1:30 p.m. and life was back to normal while the power crews worked to get the Toledo Edison power lines back up.

An Edgerton official tells WANE 15 that around 8:45 p.m. Wednesday the village made the switch off the generators. First Energy got the required permissions to feed electricity to the village from a different line while Toledo Edison crews continue to replace the damaged power poles and lines.

Mayor Robert Day applauded all of the people working together to get the power restored so quickly.

“We have a great team right now and that team has been very faithful. I think some of them are running on adreneline right now after going through this for a couple days, but they’re committed and they’ll see it through and we’ll get through this,” Day said.

The plan is to switch back to the normal power line routes once they are all restored on Sunday. There could be another short outage when that switch happens.