FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — People gathered at Headwaters Park to get some tips on how to live a more sustainable life.

Headwaters Park became a hub for the environmentally conscious on Sunday as the first-ever Ecofest took place at the Madge Rothschild Pavillion. It offered up vendors and workshops aimed at educating people on how they can change up their routines to be more environmentally friendly. The event was originally scheduled for May but pushed back because of the pandemic.

Co-organizer Addie Farris said that they wanted it to cover a wide array of sustainable lifestyle changes.

“There’s people that want to do composting,” said Farris. “You have water quality, there’s people that are trying to focus on cutting plastic use back, there’s people who are just focusing on just reducing their waste so we really wanted to highlight all the different kind of vendors, the businesses, the organizations that are in Fort Wayne that kind of fall into that umbrella.”

Their workshops covered conscious consuming and recycling as well as composting. A select group also got to make rain barrels to take home and collect rainwater to help reduce the amount of water that flows from their property.

Farris said they designed the event to appeal to people regardless of how sustainable they are.

“No matter where you’re at, there’s steps that you can do big and small. If you’re thinking about sustainability, you don’t have to sell your car and ride your bike to work every day,” said Farris. “There’s lots of little things that are easy to implement in your everyday life that make a big difference.”

Ecofest was first held in Toledo, Ohio last year but Farris wanted to bring it to the Fort when she moved back here. They do plan on holding it again next year.