East Allen Alternative students hoping to spread kindness with viral videos

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NEW HAVEN, Ind. (WANE) — East Allen Alternative School is challenging its students to spread kindness and positivity through viral videos.

The school kicked off their “EACS Kindness Challenge” on Friday with a special Proximo lunch delivery to the teachers at the school. Although the school does some form of this challenge each year, English teacher Jo Anderson is asking her students to film their kind act and attempt to make it viral on social media.

“It’s 2020 and, boy, do we need more kindness,” said Anderson. “They’re going to find a random person to do a kind act for and then challenge someone else, challenge three other people actually, to pay it forward as well, and hopefully that will create a chain of challenges moving forward. “

Anderson said the lesson is a two-for-one that will teach her students about marketing as well as about how kindness can impact people.

“This is actually part of a larger project that’s going to revolve around social media and we’re looking at social justice things so I wanted them to get some practice on how do things go viral, how do you do marketing, how do you connect and reach out through social media,” said Anderson. “In addition to that just kindness aspect, again, it’s doing things for others and that feels good. A lot of my kids, especially working here at the alternative school don’t always have that opportunity, don’t think of that first and so I want them to realize how good it feels to do good things for others.”

Anderson is hopeful that the trend will take off and spread positivity beyond the school doors. Students can use any social media platform however Anderson said TikTok is recommended because of how short the videos are.

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