East Allen County Schools is responding to Indiana’s opioid crisis. At a school board meeting Tuesday night, the district approved a plan to equip all school buildings with two units of the anti-overdose drug Narcan.

This is not in response to any overdose issue within the district. In fact, EACS Director of Student Services Michelle Wenglikowski said the move is not reactionary at all. Rather, it is a preventive measure.

“We don’t view this as a student and staff problem,” she said. “We view this as a community problem.”

These new units will be administered by school nurses. School resource officers already carry Narcan. The two new dosages will be held in school clinics.

The district is putting Narcan in all of its buildings o be prepared for anyone to overdose.

“All of our schools have community members entering them on a daily basis,” Wenglikowski said. “Whether they be visitors, parents, delivery people, etc.”

The district is getting Narcan in its high schools for free thanks to a program it has enrolled in. It’s paying extra to get Narcan in the rest of its buildings.

“Narcan units are not all that expensive,” Wenglikowski said.”A two unit dose of Narcan is about $75.”

The new units should be in the building in about a month. The district will refresh the stock every 18 months.