Driver involved in fatal I-69 wreck describes experience

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STROH, Ind. (WANE) — One of the drivers involved in a fatal multi-vehicle wreck on I-69 spoke to WANE 15 about the crash.

Cassten Everidge, 24, was on his way home Wednesday afternoon when the wreck happened.

“I had some meetings in Fort Wayne and I was heading back and I don’t know why I looked in my mirror, I think I must have heard an impact behind me, and I looked in my mirror and I saw a semi about to hit me,” said Everidge. “I gassed it as hard as I could and got out of the way and I got clipped a little bit but I got mostly out of the way.”

According to Indiana State Police, James Crager, 70, of Angola was traveling northbound on I-69 in a semi carrying hay bales when he failed to slow with traffic in a construction zone. Crager’s semi continued into traffic, which police say started a catastrophic chain of events that left 3 people dead and three more injured. Everidge walked away from the scene uninjured and said once the situation registered in his head, he tried to help others involved in the wreck.

“I did everything I could to try to help until the medics got there and stuff and most of the people involved and bystanders were in shock,” said Everidge.

He said did not want to go into details about how he tried to help out of respect for the families of others involved. Some bystanders who witnessed the wreck tried to help as well but Everidge said for the most part, those who stopped did so to take photos or video of the scene.

He credits first responders for calming those on scene down, saying their calm and collected approach to dealing with the scene helped to calm nerves.

The wreck was an experience Everidge said he will never forget.

“It’s crazy how quickly you go from having a normal day to being in the most surreal experience of your life,” said Everidge. “It was really surreal and it’s kind of been on repeat in my head since then so I just try to stay busy.”

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