Dress challenge raises awareness about human trafficking

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When Sonsee Jenkins goes out shopping for a dress she thinks about how great it would work for December. 


She wears dresses all month long and has done so the last four Decembers. Her wardrobe may not be the norm for the winter, but it makes a statement and it leads to questions. 

“A lot of times, especially in classes, people would be like why do you have a dress on? It is so cold outside,” said Jenkins, a graduate of Trine University. 

That is the reaction Jenkins is going for. 

When people ask about her dresses, she explains that it’s for a cause she’s passionate about – raising awareness about human trafficking. 

It’s part of a bigger movement called Dressember. 

Every year, thousands of advocates around the world take on the challenge of wearing a dress or a tie during the 31 days of December. The idea is to spark conversations as the issue of human trafficking affects people worldwide. 

“People think it’s like a poor country problem or a third world country problem, they don’t realize that it’s happening in every major city, but also every small town,” Jenkins said. 

Dressember also raises money for different organizations that help survivors of human trafficking and programs that work to prevent it. This year, Jenkins’ team raised $1,900. 

Because January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month, Jenkins says if she gets more donations she’ll gladly put a dress back on. 

“Small changes can do a lot in helping create a better world for everybody.”

To learn more about Dressember click on this link. 

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